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Capped Rate Mortgages

What is a capped rate mortgage?

Capped rate mortgages are a type of variable mortgage, as although your mortgage payment is guaranteed not to go above a certain level, you can benefit from lower mortgage payments when your lender’s Standard Variable Rate (SVR) is reduced.

Is a capped rate mortgage right for you?

Is a capped rate mortgage right for you – review the advantages and disadvantages below.

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Advantages with capped rate mortgages

  • A capped rate mortgage gives you security because you are protected if interest rates rise over a certain level
  • It is easier to budget because you know the maximum mortgage repayment you will make
  • If your lender cuts their SVR your mortgage repayment rate will also reduce

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Disadvantages with capped rate mortgages

  • The rate you pay for a capped rate mortgage is often higher than other mortgage products.
  • Early repayment charges apply.
  • The capped rate normally only lasts for a short period then the mortgage returns to the lenders SVR.

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